Tuesday/ write it up

IMG_5119 sm
The temperatures are in °F, so we just below or just above 0°C (32 F) in daytime, and dipping below freezing at night time.  We’re going to bail out on Thu night, hopefully ahead of the next snow shower.

We have a lot of documentation to complete for our Blueprint, and so we’re knuckling down and cranking out the documentation.  It is cold and snowy outside, but Salt Lake City taught me that there is still a long way down if you’re in the 20s (°F).   The Japanese TV channel in the hotel room reports that Ulaanbataar, the capital city in Mongolia, is sporting a withering temperature of -18 °F (-28 °C).

IMG_5115 sm
The day is done and we are arriving back at the hotel .. but it’s actually right across from the offices where we work !

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