Friday/ where does the pooch go?

We have arrived in Seattle, and passengers – and the Great Dane : ) – are getting ready to disembark.

As the first class flyers were boarding in Salt Lake City on Thursday night for our flight to Seattle, a guy was let on board with a Great Dane service dog.  I was in coach and we all thought ‘Well, this will be interesting : to see where the dog goes’. Turned out the guy had a whole set of three bulkhead seats in coach to himself, so that there was room for the dog to lie on the floor at his feet. This would NOT have worked with a full flight!    Then as we approached Seattle, the pilot warned that it was  foggy – and that he may have to do a touch-and-go landing if the fog was a lot thicker than they had anticipated.  We could even have ended up at Portland airport 120 miles south.   But all went well – even though the runway appeared suddenly out of nowhere – and so we landed and taxied to the gate.

IMG_4851 sm
My taxi driver had to deal with a foggy Interstate-5 highway, driving north to Seattle from Seatac airport.
IMG_4852 sm
Here’s what the fog looked like at the corner of Broadway and Olive on Capitol Hill : not too bad, probably because Cap. Hill is at a higher elevation than highway I-5.


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