Thursday/ getting out of Dodge

The blue and red tails of the Delta jets are from Concourse C at Salt Lake City airport. One of them will get me out of Dodge*.  The project’s workshops are done for the week.  We did a tour through the plant where we are working today.   It was bitterly cold as we walked outside, so our little group of 5 was all too thankful to duck inside each of the buildings that was part of the tour so that our noses and ears could defrost.  One building has a furnace in. ‘Do we have to leave?’ we said when it was time to go.  If you’re not in an office, that is where you should work in winter time!

*’Getting out of Dodge’ is an idiomatic reference to a phrase used in the TV series ‘Gunsmoke’. The villains were told to get out of Dodge City, Kansas. (Yes, there is still a Dodge City in Kansas, named for Fort Dodge nearby).

Delta1 sm

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