Saturday/ say ‘vee-gan’ (not ‘vay-gan’)

Zephyrus Pilsner
The Zephyrus Pilsner from Elysian Brewing Company (picture from

I ordered a vegan burger at our favorite watering hole and pub grub place here in Seattle on Saturday night – the Elysian Brewing Company.  Soon after, the food server showed up with a burger with a strip of bacon on it.  No, this is not mine, said I.  What happened was that I said ‘vay-gen burger’ and the waiter heard ‘bacon burger’.  I should have known something was up when he inquired ‘How do you want that cooked?’ .. I said, well how it is normally cooked? and he said ‘Medium’. Medium it is, I said (LOL).  Veggie burgers are cooked only one way.   Anyway, they replaced the bacon burger for me, the veggie burger was very tasty, and went very well with my Zephyrus Pilsner beer (it’s a German pilsner beer).

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