Sunday/ in Ogden

I am in Ogden for a last trip for now (but will probably come back in March).  Here are some pictures from today.  It is a little warmer than last Monday, but still well below freezing at night.

IMG_4886 sm
This is at the South Terminal. The Virgin America airplane is just taxiing up to its gate.
IMG_4885 sm

The FAA’s grounding of all 787’s continues to be in the news. Boeing has stopped delivering new planes to customers but (for now) is continuing with their manufacture. It’s cheaper to continue doing that and putting the fixes (coming out of the investigation) with the lithium batteries in later. About FIVE a month is built – and the machines go for about $200 million each.
IMG_4892 sm
A summary of the temperatures in the Salt Lake City area so far, reported by a local TV station. (Note that those are Fahrenheit temperatures!  32 F is O C)

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