Sunday/ back to the deep freeze

This Sunday night finds me at Seatac airport for another trip to Salt Lake City.  Only one more to go after this one – a good thing because I am not used to ‘solidly frozen’ temperatures.  Seattle weather usually manages to stay more or less above 32° F (0 °C) for most of the winter (the average nightly low for Dec-Jan is 36°F).  At least I remembered to pack my Cossack-style woolen hat that covers my ears and straps down under my chin, my gloves, and an extra scarf.

1-13-2013 4-40-45 PM
Salt Lake City high and low temperatures for the next few days (° C).
1-13-2013 4-41-34 PM
.. and in ° F.
IMG_4758 sm
This British Airways Boeing 747 was sitting at gate S10 here at Seatac airport,  catching the last few rays of a beautiful winter’s day in Seattle. It is headed home to London Heathrow airport.

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