Monday/ a low of -22°C (-8°F)

The mercury dropped to -22°C (-8 °F) this morning here in Ogden. Since mercury freezes only at -38°C (-36 °F), I guess the thermometers still work !  There is no snow in the forecast for the next week, but the stuff on the ground is certainly not going to melt any time soon.

IMG_4797 sm
We’re on our way into Ogden back from work on Monday. The Wasatch mountains in the distance now have a complete covering of snow, with a cloudy blanket as well.
IMG_4764 sm
My iPhone weather app’s report out at 5.48 am.  So it will ‘warm’ up to -3°C over the next few days.



IMG_4809 sm
Our din-din was at the Wing Wah tonight.  My colleague and I asked for chopsticks to eat with – a nod to the many meals we had in China (but of course ‘Chinese’ food in America is not the same as ‘Chinese’ food in China).


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