Saturday/ eyeing an Ayinger

It was a frosty Saturday morning in Seattle, but a bright and sunny day. On Saturday night I spotted a Bavarian ‘Ayinger’ beer in my local grocery store, the exact same one that I saw advertised  in Munich.  So of course I had to buy one.  (Confession : a nice colorful label gets me every time).  It is a very tasty beer, making a nice foamy head when poured.  Aying is a town south west of Munich – that is actually still in the Munich municipality.

Ayinger at a bar in Munich
I snapped this big Ayinger beer label picture (pronounce ‘eye-ing-ger’)  from the window of a neighborhood bar in Munich, close to the hotel that I stayed at over New Year’s.
IMG_4733 sm
And here is the Ayinger beer that I bought at the grocery store, now poured into a glass on my kitchen counter top.

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