Friday/ at SLC airport

I made it to the airport, driving very carefully.  The hardest part was getting the 3 inches of fluffy snow off my Nissan Altima rental car.  The snow is not so fluffy right there on the windshield and windows : you have to scrape the ice crystals off.  (The combination brush-scraper Hertz provides does a great job).   And I remembered from my winters in St Louis to brush off snow powder from the car seat and from my clothes immediately.  The stuff melts and becomes icy wet water (of course).

IMG_4670 sm
My Nissan Altima rental car had a a snow blanket this morning.


IMG_4676 sm
The snow at Salt Lake City airport caused some delays this morning, but I’m sure the airport is well-equipped to take care of a few inches of snow.

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