Thursday/ snowing

The snow flakes started coming down just as we were leaving the project site today, and it 1-10-2013 8-17-42 PMhas been sifting down steadily since then.  A total accumulation of 5 to 8 inches is expected in the lower areas;  much more in the mountains.  I will definitely have to navigate some snowy roads on the way to the airport tomorrow (Friday) !

IMG_7813 sm
Here is the Old Post Office across from the Marriott Ogden. I couldn’t venture out very far, since it’s very cold and still snowing lightly even though it does not look like it on the photo.
IMG_7817 sm
This is about 8 pm. The streets in downtown Ogden (yes, I know – no skyscrapers here!) have a layer of snow, and are almost deserted.
IMG_4650 sm
This is around 4 pm  We’re driving back to Ogden from the project site.  The snow is just starting to stick to the road surface.

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