Thursday/ Stellenbosch buildings

Thursday was overcast and cool which made for good picture-taking weather.  All the buildings are from the central area of Stellenbosch.

The ‘old main building’ of the University of Stellenbosch was completed in 1886 and recently renovated. It is built in a style that could be called Cape classical.
This is the Sasol Art Museum is on Ryneveld Street in a beautiful red Dutch Neo-Classical building dating back to 1907. The building was previously home to the Bloemhof school.
This is Crozier House in Victoria street.
This is Van der Stel liquor store on Andringa street, a simple building but I love the roof arches and the Victorian style trim.
This church is called the ‘Mother Church’ and this building and tower were consecrated in 1863. The style is neo-gothic, built from plans from Carl Otto Hager, a German master builder and architect from Dresden.


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