Tuesday/ at the grocery store

I am staying in the town of Stellenbosch in the Cape Town area with my family for the week.  Here are some of my favorite offerings from the big local grocery store – that sells much more than just groceries.

Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest town after Cape Town (which is a city and not a ‘town’). I think in the USA we tend to call everything a ‘city’ regardless of its population or size.


Stuffed Springbok, mascot of the South African rugby and cricket teams.
This variety of protea is called ‘pink ice’ and is the hardiest of all proteas. The king protea is South Africa’s national flower.
South African stores offer a wide range of locally produced fruit juices. This one is a blend called ‘Whispers of Summer’ (it is winter here right now).
And here is my jar of Marmite. First marketed in the UK in 1902, the product name may have been derived from a famous French soup, petite marmite. A “marmite” (pronounced “mar-MEET”) is a French stock pot or cooking pot – like the one pictured on the front of the jar and shaped somewhat like the jar itself.


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