Tuesday/ the War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea is a sprawling facility with military hardware on display and coverage of wars fought on the Korean Peninsula from ancient times.  The most recent one of course, was the Korean War of 1950-1953.  I also made a stop at Yongsan station where the electronics market is but did not buy anything.  (1. The new iPad is not yet on sale in Korea. The 4G frequencies in the country are different from what the iPad has been designed for and some of that is still being worked out. 2. I cannot possibly lug around even one more device with me on my travels, anyway).

The main entrance to the War Memorial of Korea. It is a sprawling complex, with an outside area with military hardware on display as well (airplanes and boats and cannons).
Yongsan station is where the electronics market is (large department stores with cubicles selling computers, cameras, phones and tablets).
A peek at the plaza outside Yongsan station.
Here's General Motors Korea putting its wares on display inside Yongsan train station. Some of them are Cruzes, and the little grey one on the left is a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic sub-compact.
I love the colors on this suburban train.
This is the 'Brothers Statue' at the War Memorial of Korea.
Close by is the Korean War Monument, with bronze soldiers in action at its base.
There is a lot of movement in these bronze soldiers 'in action' at the base of the Korean War Monument.
The Korean War (1950-1953) is well documented inside the museum. I did not realize how perilously close to losing all of the peninsula, South Korea came. This area around what is known today as Busan port was at one point the last stand. (On 15th Sep 1950, General MacArthur landed American and South Korean marines at Inchon, 200 miles behind the North Korean lines, which was also a turning point).
This is a night picture of the Rainbow Bridge at 8 pm at Dongjak station. I read on-line that at 8 pm each night, water is pumped through a series of nozzels along the edge of the bridge and colored with LED lighting. Well, I was there at 8 and NONE of that happened ! .. I will have to check into it and find out if I was at the wrong place or there at the wrong time, or both. The speck on the hilltop in the distance is Seoul Tower.

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