Monday/ more Seoul

My first stop of the day was at the fish market at Noryanjin station.   Then I went back to Seoul station to go check out the exterior in daytime.  After that I made a quick stop at the Naedamun street market and then went off to see if I could find the cable car boarding station for Seoul Tower.  I did, eventually!

This sign is almost unnecessary (you can smell the fish market!) .. on the overpass at Noryangjin station on Line 1.
The fish market is a large open warehouse with lots of vendors selling anything you might find in the sea.
Some octopus for you?
Which way to go? (The newer signs inside the metro stations are very clear, so these old metal floor signs have fallen out of use).
Here is the exterior of the old arrival and departure hall at Seoul station. The new station hall is all glass and steel and not nearly as interesting as this one.
The sign and the Korean flag on the new Seoul station arrival and departure hall.
The entrance to the Namdaemun fashion street market. A fancy department store is right across the street behind it.
I think this marketer's outfit is of a traditional Korean warrior. Very nice. I want to dress up as a Korean warrior when the next Halloween comes by.
See Seoul Tower in this picture? This foot path with stairs go all the way up to the Tower. But it was only a few degrees above freezing, so I walked down again to the cable station to take the cable car up to the Tower.
This is on the way up, a view from the cable car. The building looks new but is in the traditional Korean architecture.
Here is the view of the tower after one arrives in the cable car. There is another elevator up to the observation deck. The tower was built in 1969 and opened to the public in 1980. Its height is 236.7 m (777 ft) from the base.
This view is from the observation deck, looking north. (Wow. The distance to the north pole given to the nearest 10 meters! 5,837.57 km comes to 3,637 miles).
The Han river flows through Seoul. There are already 6 subway lines crossong it, and by 2018 there will be three more crossings, but these will be tunnels beneath the riverbed. Check out the cluster of white apartment buildings on the left. Seoul's population is about 11 million people (seouls? seoulites?).
The Han River flows through Seoul and then merges with the Imjin River shortly before it flows into the Yellow Sea. The total length of the Han River (to include its tributaries the Namhan and Bukhan Rivers) is approximately 514 kilometres (319 mi). Although it is not a long river, the lower Han is remarkably broad for such a relatively short river.”]

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