Sunday/ modern Seoul architecture

I read about the GT Tower East with its wavy exterior and had to go and take a look at it.  It is by Gangnam station (use exit 9) between several other modern financial company buildings and Samsung buildings. Sunday night I went to check out Itaewon – the gritty expat area with bars and nightclubs, popular with US army personnel from the base nearby.

Gangnam station is in one of the most affluent areas of Seoul, located in the southeast.
These buildings are right by exit 9 of Gangnam station, I assume most of them are of financial institutions.
Here is the spectacular GT Tower East building 'making its waves' for me. It is 130m (390 ft) tall and was completed only recently (Feb 2011). It was a collaboration of Dutch architectural firm ArchitectenConsort and Hankil Architects & Engineers from Seoul.
These hands are at the base of the GT Tower East.
The Boutique Monaco building is close by and about as tall at 117 m (382 ft). It was completed in 2008 and designed by Cho Minsuk and Park Kisu.
This is one of several Samsung buildings in the area. My picture was taken by a Chinese student. She 'accosted' me right there on the street - she needed someone to film her in front of the building while she did a little speech to apply for a internship at Samsung.
This is a few blocks in from the main streets with the glass and steel buildings where the restaurants and bar signs jostle for business from the foot traffic.
Yes, I would like a dumpling. And your name is Mr. .. ? I cannot read Korean 🙁
Here's the sign for Itaewon station. I had to switch train lines twice to get to the darn place ..
.. and ended up checking out only the outsides without going into any one of the establishments. Some are holes in the wall, others are in the basement and still others are on the 3rd or 4th floor of a building.
The Dubai restaurant promising Arab food on top of an Dunkin Donuts and a Mr Kebab !


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