Wednesday/ back to Incheon airport

View from the Airport Express train. We're approaching Incheon airport, so this waterway is probably connected to the ocean (Incheon airport is on an island ).

By Wednesday morning it was time to pack up and check out to go to the airport for my flight back to Hong Kong.  By now I was a ‘pro’ at using the Metro and finding the Airport Express train at Seoul station.  Confession : it’s not that hard to be a pro when you have an interactive map of the Seoul metro on your smart phone!  Still, it takes a few run-throughs to know which exits from the stations to take.  Take the wrong one, and it might be a long walk to the next street crossing because you’re on the wrong side of a busy highway!

I just stepped off the train after arriving (the one below), and I'm taking the escalator up into the passenger terminal at Incheon airport. The latticework overhead looks like stainless steel.


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