Friday/ King County property taxes

I braved the steady rain yesterday to go downtown and pay my property taxes. (I’m not putting a check for several thousand dollars in the mail!). The offices on 500 Fourth Ave have a diamond pattern on the exterior.  And where does my money go? Only 17 cents on the dollar go to the county, and 50 cents to schools. Where in the country would property taxes be the highest? Westchester county in New York State.  On this side of the country on the west coast it is Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area.   The artwork is from a construction site close by. That must be an Ursus arctos horribilis (grizzly bear) with the American buffaloes (bison), but the curly clouds and background images are definitely Asian.

King County Administration building on 500 Fourth Ave, downtown Seattle.
Artwork from across the street at a construction site
Breakdown of how King County property tax money is spent
Westchester county in New York state has the country's highest property taxes.

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