Thursday/ some ‘panda burger’ for you?

The Singha beer is from the Jamjuree¬† restaurant where my friends and I had some wonderful Thai food Thu night.¬† The the ‘panda burgers’ are from Wednesday night’s Jay Leno Show. The prankster offered the product to people on the street (supposedly from a small area in China where it was legal to hunt them!). The first two passers-by just said ‘Sure! I’ll take a bite‘ and ‘Pretty good!’ . Finally a young woman said ‘Are these really panda burgers?’. But she was a sport and tasted the burger as well. Aww. Leave the panda bears alone.¬† See how cute they are on the card from the World Wildlife Fund?

From the Jay Leno show on Wed night. The woman asks 'Are those really panda burgers?'
The World Wildlife Fund uses the panda bear on its logo .. and this panda bear card from them have a 2012 pocket calendar on the back.


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