Saturday/ 2012 Lunar New Year ‘forever’ stamps

The 2012 Lunar New Year stamp issued by the US Postal Service.

I got some 2012 Lunar New Year stamps for my collection.  The US Postal Service issued them as ‘forever’ stamps. Forever means there is no explicit price on (so the price can go up forever?). First Class postage might soon go from 45c to 50c .. so in theory, investors can make 11% overnight by buying a ton of stamps at 45c before the price goes up.  (A little difficult to quickly dispose of the little paper investments).

On Thursday the USPS announced that it plans to shut 223 of its 461 mail-processing plants by February 2013. Maybe I should have mailed that property tax check after all ! The agency has gotten rid of about 140,000 jobs in the last five years, mainly through attrition, but still had about 650,000 workers at the end of 2011.

A sheet of the stamps. The designer is artist Kim Mak.




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