Friday/ gringos at the Tequila Coyote Cantina

'Appetizers' translates to 开胃菜 kāi wèi cài .. literally 'open + stomach + food' !

Friday night found nine gringos (foreigners) upstairs at the Tequila Coyote Cantina., a Mexican restaurant in the Futian district in Shenzhen.  There was even a page with Tex-Mex items on the menu.  After some translation difficulty for our request for a pitcher* of margarita cocktail mix, the restaurant improvised and brought the good stuff out in a Carlsberg beer pitcher.
*the Chinese word for pitcher is ping

This picture was on the wall : the main square of Mexico City’s historic center. That is a really large flag !


Sign for Moutai next to the restaurant. Moutai is top-of-the-shelf Chinese baijiu (liquor), produced in the town of Maotai (茅台镇), Guizhou province, Southwest China.
Lots of bumper stickers on this car. This is on the way in to the city of Shenzhen from Dameisha.
Night scene outside the restaurant as we waited for a taxi to take us back to Dameisha. This is in the central Futian district in Shenzhen.


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