Monday/ to Tokyo and then Hong Kong



I’m waiting for my flight to Narita airport in Tokyo on United Airlines.  From there Japan’s All Nippon Airlines will take me to Hong Kong.  Seattle-Tacoma airport is busy .. many people are going home after visiting friends and family, of course.

I was grumpy this morning and endured the strip-and-body scan at security the best I could.  One’s belt and shoes have to come off, as well as everything in pockets, even plastic items.    So the number of items coming out in trays through the carry-on scanner is ever-growing.  The other thing is that Europe has now banned X-ray body scanners, which use back-scatter ionized radiation, due to health and safety concerns.   Instead of X-ray scanners, European airports will use millimeter-wave scanners that utilize low-energy radio waves.    The article in Forbes magazine reports that in the USA, the TSA uses both types of scanners: some 250 X-ray scanners and 264 millimeter wave scanners.   Sea-Tac airport uses the ‘bad’ one, the back-scatter X-ray machine.

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