Sunday/ Auld Lang Syne

As I approached the neighborhood pub called Smiths here on 15th Ave around 3 pm, I heard the sounds of people singing Auld Lang Syne to bagpipe music.   So I joined the little crowd that watched them from outside until they were done.   ‘Let’s go occupy Victrola!‘ joked one band member, and they were off to the Victrola coffee shop down the street.

‘Occupy’ has become a political word in 2011, of course (poster picture from – and makes me wonder what will become of the Occupy movement in 2012.  Also check out the poster for a New Years Eve benefit concert for Somalia.  A few more things to contemplate would be :  if we will get a new US president in the November 2012 general election; if the 2012 London Summer Olympics (the opening ceremony, say) will be as spectacular as Beijing in 2008 (probably not), and if the world will come to an end as per the Mayan calendar.   On this last one, let me stick my neck out and say that is a ‘no’.

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