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I am tracking the results of the recent Washington State elections.   Initiative 1183 was about privatizing hard liquor sales.  Washington State is one of the few hold-outs in the USA where hard liquor can only be sold by state-owned stores or a limited number of state-approved contractors.   But at this point it looks like a done deal : the voters are giving the State the boot from the liquor sales business.    So from June 1 next year Costco*, Walmart and grocery stores can sell Johnny Walker whiskey and Absolut vodka.   I voted for the initiative after some hesitation : the State needs all the money it can get, and is it really necessary to be able to go buy booze at 2 am at the grocery store?   (Maybe that’s a yes – we need something to cheer us up from the down economy?)

*Costco is a giant discount grocery store and donated $22 million to the Yes on 1183 campaign (‘only’ $18 million was spent), the most spent on a Washington State initiative ever.

Initiative 1183 – Liquor Privatization

Nov 09, 2011 – 18:24:33

x-APPROVE 777,232 59%
REJECT 530,614 41%

What’s the situation in China?   Well, baijiu (Chinese: 白酒 or ‘white liquor’) is a very popular Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage.   Maotai is the most famous of the brands and is freely available everywhere in grocery stores  – and frighteningly cheap for a spirit that has 40% to 60% alcohol by volume.

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