Tuesday/ don’t lick that frog

It’s amazing what humans are willing to do to for a buzz.  I mean, we all know about drinking coffee and booze, smoking pot and bungee-jumping off bridges – but how abut licking a toad?   It’s not for nothing that the princess has to kiss the frog in the fairytale and then get rewarded with a handsome prince.  And it would make for nice Fear Factor material (the creepy NBC TV show where contestants eat worms and bugs).    Any normal person has some measure of ranidaphobia (from ranidae, the most widespread family of frogs), but a colleague this morning recalled how the drug test program at a nuclear power station found traces of a strange drug in a co-worker’s blood.    Turned out he was a frog-licker.   A what?! I said.    [What follows is from Yahoo Answers].  Yes – the slimy stuff that ‘gets you off’ is actually venom that the frog secretes when it gets agitated – such as when a predator is about to gobble it down.  The toxic stuff is bufotenine and the hallucinogen 5-MeO-DMT.  The only toad known to contain 5-MeO-DMT in its venom is Bufo Alvaris, also called the Colorado River Toad (picture).    Very nice to know – but I will leave the froggy be and get my highs in other ways !

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