Wednesday/ Victorinox backpack

I leave on Saturday and that means I have to jump at it and make the purchases I need to so that I can pack on Friday.   At the top of the list was a replacement for my raggedy computer backpack.  The woven ballistic nylon is indestructable but the shoulder straps and stitching into the bag are getting frayed and that’s trouble.   This is basically an identical replacement for my older bag : a Victorinox Architecture 2.0 Big Ben Business Backpack.   It works very nicely for me as a computer bag that looks good enough to go to work with, with plenty of additional pockets and zips – and at the same time it doubles as a weekend city-backpack as well.    This new one has a so-called Fast Pass feature – you tear open the velcro that holds the computer section to the backpack and try your luck with the TSA official what might just let the whole thing go through the scanner without one needing to take the computer out.   Hey, anything that speeds up the process and reduces the number of items I have to stuff back into the bag, right ?

The gorgeous tiger picture arrived in the mail fom World Wildlife Fund.  I send them a little money sometimes for their efforts to save the wildlife on earth.    I hope we can save the world’s tigers a little while longer – what magnificent beasts they are.

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