Monday/ posters at 11th and Pine

It’s time for taxes and I checked in with my tax adviser close to the corner of 11th Ave and Pine St today, and took these pictures afterward.   (Found a $39 parking ticket on my windshield when I got to my car even though I overstayed my paid time only by 15 mins.  I guess the City needs dollars$$ for the budget!).    I don’t know the name or year of construction of the white building, but it houses the Velo Bike Store.  It has empty spaces and is looking for more tenants.   (BTW the Seattle Bicycle Expo is next weekend).  The 12th and Pine corner of the brick building across from it is always plastered with posters, and I collected a few with my phone camera.  Two of them are very political since 1. the 8th anniversary of the start of the Iraq invasion is coming up and 2. Washington State has not yet legalized same-sex marriage (but the State does have an “everything-but-marriage” bill of rights which was signed into law in 2009, and which survived a referendum challenge in November of that year).

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