Tuesday/ how to cook a wolf

No, it’s not a recipe, it’s the name of a restaurant in the Queen Anne neighborhood that 5 of us went to last night.  The outside is very low-key, as is the inside : it looks like a wood-slatted den.   The dishes on the menu are all served family-style with small plates for everyone.  It could be cold starters, pastas or meats or fish.    We had roasted beets(*), sea bass(*), sturgeon, potato gnocchi (*), speck (thin-sliced cured ham, really a prosciutto I thought) and a pasta with a spicy meat sauce.   The food was delicious, but with 5 people sharing one plate we had to share carefully to make sure everyone got a bite!     (*)  I liked these best

I stopped on the way back to snap the Space Needle from Denny Way (it’s nice to be a tourist in one’s home city), and the Starbucks pictures are from earlier in the day.  That’s a brand new logo on the cup (supposedly making the coffee goddess more accessible overseas without the Starbucks text around her, and implying like Nike’s swoosh that the brand is so recognizable that it does not need text).   I also stocked up on my favorite instant coffee (Columbia Medium Roast), which also has new packaging.

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