Sunday/ Google’s Goggles

I’m finally downloading a few more applications for my iPhone .. this one is Google’s Goggles : a very ambitious little program that tries to ‘recognize’ an object that you snap with the phone’s camera.    I got some impressive results but also some disappointments.     The program recognized the m from from m&m candy canister; the zhong character* from my Chinese Without Tears book; the Logitech logo on my mouse, and a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the computer screen.   I could not get it to recognize my little space shuttle model (aww) even after a dozen attempts at different angles; or my own little Eiffel Tower replica.    Maybe the lighting or the background should have been different.

*zhong 中 means ‘center’ or ‘middle’ and is used in the characters for China, literally ‘middle kingdom’  中 国

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