Sunday/ Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen

This Sunday morning finds me in Shenzhen’s JW Marriott hotel on Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen.    I just had to get away from Dameisha for a little weekend break – what’s left of the weekend after working on Saturday, that is.

All the pictures are in and around Shennan Boulevard (Chinese : Shen Nan Boulevard).    It is a broad east-west road in the city and the Luobao line of the Shenzhen Metro runs under it (the Metro is the red line on my Google Latitude picture).     The big red flower is at the Mix-C shopping mall.   The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is nearby.   Vendor stalls – selling iPads and mobile phones, and prize draws with promises of sporty red BMWs and flashy watches –  are right there as well.   A stock broker handed me his business card.   The going assumption is that all foreigners are loaded with money – a reasonable assumption I suppose, because it takes money to travel here, right?    I love the feng shui square hole in the Panasonic building across the street.    Close by is a green skyscraper :   Shun Hing Square (Chinese: 信兴广场/地王大厦), also named Di Wang in Shenzhen.   It reaches up to 384m (1,260 ft),  is currently the tallest in Shenzhen*, 6th tallest building in mainland China, and the 14th tallest in the world.

*soon to be overtaken by the Kingkey Finance Center Plaza scheduled for a June 2011 opening.  I do not have pictures of it but will hunt it down on my next trip to the city.

The night-time pictures were taken in the vicinity of the Marriott hotel.   The Shenzhen Metro is within walking distance which is always great to have.   I found a nice little shopping mall with Starbucks and a ‘New York Deli’ around the Che Gong Miao metro station (last two pictures).

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