Tuesday/ Republican St, Republican Party

The first picture shows the Art Deco detail of the Tower Building on 7th Ave in Seattle.   It’s close to the dentists’s office where I went today for a check-up.  (Got to check those chompers!)  The next picture is from the corner of Republican Street and 16th Ave, 1/2 block from my house.   And the last picture is CNN announcing that the Republicans are taking the House.   Not too big a surprise, right? .. but what makes me scratch my head is that in a major recession with 10% unemployment, and the majority of voters needing affordable health care, Social Security payouts, Medicare and Medicaid support, that so many vote Republican or Tea Party.   (For my readers outside the USA : the Republican party stands for limited government, repealing the expanded health-care bill passed this year, and abolishing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.)

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