Tuesday/ Honest Tea and honesty

I stopped at the gas station last night after going to the gym. The Honest Tea iced tea-lemonade drink was the one I picked from the 300+ drinks on offer.  Some time ago on TV there was a business profile of the entrepreneur that started up Honest Tea.  At that point Snapple and Lipton manufactured iced tea with tea ‘dust’ – the inferior left-overs from the leaves.  Hence, Honest Tea that was brewed from tea leaves.  (Snapple and Lipton now offer full leaf iced teas).   And since I mentioned television, at this point there is no escape from all the political ads for the election on Tue Nov 2.  Now that’s I’ve taken the time to brush up on the propositions on the Washington State ballot, all the ads look like half-truths, partial truths or twisted ‘truths’ presented to favor the sponsor’s viewpoint.   Yes, the truth is hard to find – and maybe hardest of all in TV ads and TV commercials.

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