Tuesday/ Bangkok the world’s ‘best’ tourist city?

I was a little stunned to learn that Travel+Leisure magazine’s readers – 16,000 of them voted –  awarded the No. 1 ranking to Bangkok as the world’s best city (to travel to).    I do think their hospitality is top-notch.   And the temples are gorgeous, the airport is great and modern.   But for the rest – a somewhat run-down metropolis with high-rise buildings dotting it.    What about Paris in the spring?  Or Cape Town in April?    

The readers cast votes from December to March and the polling stopped a few days before civil disorder erupted in Bangkok that lasted 10 weeks and ended May 19 with nearly 90 dead and 1,400 hurt.   Picture – Bangkok Gov. Sukhumbhand Paribatra poses with World’s Best city award during a press conference in Bangkok earlier this year.

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