Monday .. again/ those ATMs

(This is a late post).   Boy.  Working Saturday and Sunday makes the real Monday feel like it’s the third one in a row.  I posted a similar ATM screen shot a few months ago, and this one is too cute to pass up.  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ATM IF SOMEONE PEEP OR DISTURB, SUCH AS INQUIRY, PAT ON YOUR SHOULDER, COLLIDE, ETC.    In the vein of ATM bank cards : one of us here had his card swallowed by an ATM.   So the bank sent a replacement card to the address here which goes something like this :  Building 01 North of Nuclear Avenue, Room 201, Daya Bay, Guangdong Province, China.    As one can do these days my co-worker could track the card’s journey across the continents on Fedex’s website.  Finally it arrives in Shenzhen, and Fedex was scheduled to show up.  Turns out the delivery guy did, was in the building, could not find room 210 (the wrong room number was recorded), and left.   The next day the recipient went out with a car and MET him to make sure he got his hands on the card.  You will not believe what happened next.   When he tried to activate the card, he found that the bank issued one with a number identical to the cancelled number of the one swallowed by the ATM.  There was nothing they could do from across the water to remedy the situation.   They are now sending a second card.    Incompetence which maak jou slange vang (Afrikaans for ‘makes you so angry you feel like catching snakes’).


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