Wednesday/ at the airport hotel

The typhoon is still some 400km (250 mi) away and is moving very slowly, so I hope I will be able to fly out in the morning.    There is no breeze at all (the calm before the storm?), so the air quality and visibility is poor.   The picture is from the border crossing at Shenzhen.    I had dinner here at the Hong Kong Skycity Marriott hotel and then ventured out on the metro to Tsing Yi station.   I used the fast airport line which goes at a good clip but which also costs a little more.   (You are assumed to be Mr Businessman.  Time is money!).

The moon cakes are sold at Starbucks at Tsing Yi station.  My driver today told me to get some .. these are Chinese pastries with fillings, traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival which is coming up later in September.

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