Sunday in Hong Kong

These pictures from Saturday .. the trams on Hong Kong Island are always fun to watch, all of them decked out in attractive artwork.    I thought this next one was a martial arts picture but no, it’s the billboard for Step Up 3D, a dance flick.  The giant cutie pie doll is from a Japanese store window in Harbour City shopping mall.  Basketball player Yao Ming left big shoes to fill –  this is in a sporting goods store in the same mall, as is the Tag Heuer watch.    I drooled at it inside the store, but it is too expensive to buy! – about US$3,000.

While I was checking out at the Marriott hotel on Sunday, the giant touch screen’s headline ‘Hooker advances in pole vault‘ made me look twice.  (Hooker is an Australian athlete).    Next one – we accidentally found our own company’s offices in Hong Kong’s Central district in a building where we stopped for lunch.

The final three pictures are artwork from Times Square mall in Causeway Bay.   No, I didn’t upload the picture with the bronze figures with distorted pixel dimensions.   I’m really not sure how the artist made real three dimensional figures with distorted proportions.   Same for the girl at the mailbox – it is as if her image was distorted by a curved mirror.   Finally, check out the very very creative use this artist put rubber tire shreds to.     A mean muscular black rhinoceros!

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