Monday/ Lay’s chips and Simba chips

Here is a can of Lay’s Cool and Refreshing/ Little Tomato flavor chips I spotted on someone’s desk here at work.

My comments – 1.  Two flavors at once?  What’s going on?  2.  Presumably the tomato is little, and not the flavor. Simba chips in South Africa, with a lion character as its mascot-marketer and the tag line chips that roarrr with flavor would have a problem with a ‘little’ flavor.    I have fond memories of Simba chips.  Can someone tell them to change the garish green color on the package shown in the picture I found on-line, though?

Here’s more information from Wikipedia.    Simba is a popular potato chip manufacturer and has been producing its products in South Africa since 1956, when it was established by the Greyvenstein family.  Having successfully marketed Ouma’s Rusks in the 1940s and 1950s, by 1955 the Greyvenstein family were looking for ways to diversify their family business.    In that year, Leon Greyvenstein travelled to a food fair in Germany in search of ideas and met a man called Herman Lay – the co-founder of Frito-Lay, the largest chip company in the world.   The two men struck up a friendship, and Leon travelled on to the USA where he saw a potato chip factory in action.

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