Saturday morning in Hong Kong

I had a late night out last night after checking into the Marriott Courtyard Hotel here in Hong Kong.  My colleague Will and I went to the Harbour City Mall on the Kowloon side, billed as the biggest mall in the city.   It’s a very nice place – upscale but not filled with designer Versace and Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores.  So one can actually hang out there and enjoy food at the restaurants and check out the offerings in electronic stores and the like.

The first picture is of a gorgeous dome skylight in the mall.  The next one shows a place where we picked up the specialty dish octopus balls to go.  (Maybe further explanation is in order? Balls of light fried batter with cooked octopus pieces inside!).   After that we went to Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill, a classic beer and burgers place that offers lots of other American food on the menu.     (We craved some ‘American’ food).

The spider crab offered for US$60 is from a Whole Foods-like (a reference for my American readers) grocery store in the mall – scary, the crab!   And the final picture is from my hotel room on the 26th floor this morning.

It’s warm outside but not unbearably so.  But of course I will report back later about the rest of the weekend.

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