Friday night/ Sat in Hong Kong

So the two Wills -Willem and Will – (he’s a colleague I worked with before, just joined our project) came to Hong Kong on Friday night.   The typhoon passed well south of Hong Kong, so we were fine except that cats-and-dogs rain would come down on to the city at times.

Pictures from the top :

Junk spotted in Hong Kong harbor on Friday night from the Kowloon side.   Hibiscus at the Flower Market on Saturday morning.   A fluffy kitty kat with one brown eye and one blue (since I was speaking of cats and dogs), also in the flower market area.   Traffic in the Mong Kok area on the Kowloon side; at this time on Saturday afternoon the sun was blazing down and one thought the rain was gone permanently, but no! absolutely not.     Saturday night we went to Lan Kwai Fong in the central district, where we happened to find a beer fest that was going on, only to be caught in another downpour.   Yikes.   The locals tell us in summer it could rain like this for days at a time.

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