Thursday/ April Fool’s Day

The little bite-size sweet bread desserts – only unglazed ones were left on the plate by the time I realized I wanted a picture! – are from last night’s dinner, and were delicious.   Nick, our American colleague that speaks fluent Chinese (!, how did you learn the language? we ask him), ordered them for us.   I will get the Chinese name for them.    The next picture is from inside the elevator in the apartment building  – a bank advertisement  : dreaming of a house, an education, a car?  I am very lucky since I have all three.   I can now dream of different things.   The final picture I snapped this morning while waiting for the bus.    A very typical foggy morning .. maybe it will go away as we move toward summer.

P.S.  Our Chinese colleagues were wise to the notion of April Fool’s Day when we warned them about it .. there is even a Chinese word for it : yúrénjié 愚人节  foolish man holiday

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