Wednesday/ connect the dots

I always feel that if I can just survive Wednesday, the work week dragon is slain.   The current phase in our project – high-level blueprinting – is drawing to a close.    So we have the rooms in the SAP house, and the basement and the roof.    Up next is the detail blueprinting :  filling in the positions of the furniture, the fixtures and the floor layouts.     For example : we know what kinds of work will be done with a work order, but we have to design the layout of the printed work order, its codes, its possible statuses (and there are many!  more than 20) and if the standard SAP screen fields need to be tweaked.

The friendly dragon is from Max and Mei’s Activity Book.  Don’t laugh – if it can teach Chinese kids to count, it can teach me too!     Hint : Double click on the picture to enlarge it and look for the characters for 1, 2 and 3.   Those are easy to spot.  Then follow the dragon’s outline from there to get all the others to 20 as well !   And is there a symbol for zero in Chinese? Yes, but it is a 13-stroke character 零.

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