Tuesday/ breakfast in China

Many, many Chinese eat rice at every meal, and for breakfast it could be a slurry of ground- up rice.     But I – growing up on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, South African Pronutro and my all-time favorite :  when mom made Maizena with cinnamon sugar for a special treat-  I still want my cereal for breakfast.   The box of  Cheerios in the picture, made by the giant food corporation General Mills in the USA, is interestingly marketed by arch-rival Nestlé in China.   The explanation is that General Mills operates internationally mainly through joint ventures.

And those three Chinese characters on the Nestlé box?  Let ‘s see :

脆 is crisp, 谷 is grain or corn and 乐 is .. wait for it! .. happy! yes!  Cheerios are crispy and makes me happy in the morning.   I will try the muesli from Switzerland tomorrow, and the local product Goldroast ‘instant nutritious cereal’ when I have run out of the other stuff.

Finally, it’s a little obscure, the connection, but the ‘Breakfast in China’ title of today’s post reminds me of the song from Supertramp’s ‘Breakfast in America’ (1979).  I can hear the song in my head now!  Take a look at my girlfriend/ she’s the only one I got/ not much of a girlfriend/ never seem to get a lot/ take a Jumbo, across the water/ like to see America/ see the girls in California/ I’m hoping it’s going to come true/ but there’s not a lot I can do/ could we have kippers for breakfast/ mummy dear, mummy dear/ they got to have ’em in Texas/’cos everyone’s a millionaire ..

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