Monday/ apartment pictures

The first picture is of the apartment’s Chinese Whirlpool washing machine.  (I used the picture to get a translation from my Chinese colleagues at work).   The toggle button on the left with the three little elliptical indicators is for the size of the load, small medium or large.   The button on the right translates into classic washing terms as follows,  clockwise : water only = rinse only , wash/ purge/ clean = wash cycleremove soap = rinse cycle and to shrink the water = spin cycle!   Then there’s the >|| Start/ Resume button which needs no translation.

The next picture shows the middle of the three levels (see the way my shirt and shorts match the sofa’s colors? a coincidence, I assure you); the bedroom and bathroom is behind me, and the small kitchen and dining room is a level below by the front door.

The final picture is of the courtyard.  Lot of green with twittering birds in the morning when I cross it to get out the gate where the bus picks us up.   The swimming pool (blue in the picture) is still dry.  Maybe they will fill it up for summer.    The ugly tower from the Dameisha beach is just visible over the rooftops on the left.

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