Sunday night

So .. did everyone turn off a few lights for Earth Hour 2010 (picture taken in the HK subway)?  I did, in my hotel room in Hong Kong : ).

I see Samoa and New Zealand is playing in the final of the Hong Kong Sevens tournament.  Below is a picture from the Sunday Morning Post in HK – it was evident already England wouldn’t make it, but the group of fans seemed to have enjoyed themselves nonetheless.   These guys all dressed up as Stu from the movie The Hangover – yes, those are not real babies strapped onto them ! .. Stu wakes up with a baby in the room, and I think there is a tiger in the living room.  I still have to see the movie.   This morning at breakfast in the hotel there was another group of guys dressed as Captain Kirk from Star Trek (or so I thought!  and I couldn’t quite place where the British accent they had was from).

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