Saturday/ trip to Lamma Island

Lamma Island (traditional Chinese: 南丫島) is the third largest island in Hong Kong and part of the Islands District, Hong Kong.   It is southwest of Hong Kong Island, only 13.5 sq km (5 sq miles) with an estimated population of 6,000.   Lamma is, in contrast to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon!, peaceful and tranquil, with relatively natural scenery. Buildings higher than three storeys are prohibited and there are no automobiles, but diminutive fire trucks and ambulances, as well as distinctive open-back vehicles to transport construction materials. The community’s only transport means is by foot or bicycle. Lamma provides an alternative to the hectic life in the city. Property and rents are cheap compared with those of central Hong Kong.

We arrived at the north-end with a chartered boat, and walked down the orange trail on the second picture (an hour and thirty minutes) to the Rainbow Seafood Restaurant.    The seafood part of our lunch was fished out of the tanks; we also had noodles and beer and all in all it made a nice meal.   I did not try the sea snails with garlice and crab.

The pictures :  Lamma Island is marked with A; the orange trail is nicely paved and can even accommodate families with strollers, and it goes through the villages and through natural vegetation ;  Hung Shing Yeh beach; South African perlemoen (abalone) on offer at a restaurant; view from the trail as we approach Sok Kwu Wan village with its seafood restaurants where we had lunch at the Rainbow Seafood restaurant;  stylish Chinese gazebo at the lookout point; the Jumbo floating seafood restaurant in the Aberdeen side of Hong Kong harbor, delivering its guests by boat.

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