Since it’s Friday I have to post a happy picture, right?   This Häagen-Dazs® ice cream store in Macau offered Fruity Happy3 and Chocolate Happy3 flavors (I’m not sure what the 3 is for).     I’m just happy that it is Friday.   We get to go home early so that we can avoid the crush of weekend traffic back to Shenzhen.   And we put enough hours in from Monday through Thursday.    I still have to completely settle into my apartment and try my hand at using the washing machine for the first time.   My internet connection is now working but it’s very annoying not to be able to access  sites such as Facebook and even my own blog!   I get around it by turning on the VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on my company computer.   That way the internet servers here thinks I am logging in from the USA.

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