Thursday/ Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

The wind howled last night around the apartment corners and through the crevices, and was still blowing this morning.   The wind blew any would-be morning fog away, so that the water in the bay showed a beautiful turquoise color with steep blue mountain tops in the distance.   (My cell phone picture does not do it justice so I will take a nicer one with my big camera).

This weekend is the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Tournament (see, by some people billed as Asia’s biggest sporting event.  While I’m not so sure that is true,  it certainly is a big event for the huge expat community in the city.   I am actually headed to Hong Kong on Saturday for a harbor boat trip that the company set up for us, but I’m not going to try to make it into the rugby stadium.    I see South Africa is in Pool F. And hey! the USA has a team as well.    Go Boks!  Go USA!  Should I say Go China? : ).

Pool A:  Samoa, Argentina, Russia, Italy

Pool B:  New Zealand, Scotland, France, Taipei

Pool C:  Fiji, United States, Portugal, Thailand

Pool D:  Australia, Canada, Tonga, China

Pool E:  England, Wales, Japan, Hong Kong

Pool F:  Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Korea

I can now walk down to the waterfront from my apartment in the evenings which is great.  I will post a few more pictures of the beach and the small marina here.   A bit of a stretch to call it ‘Shenzhen Marina’ since we’re on the outlying east area outside the metropolitan area of Shenzhen !

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