So I was the April fool last night, discovering at my apartment door I lost the key somehow.   The duplicate key is in Texas USA, David that has the apartment manager’s phone number was on an airplane to Shanghai, and I cannot speak Chinese .. those all dawned on me as I explored my options.   Then I recalled something fell out of my pocket on the bus in the morning; I was half asleep and didn’t pay attention to it.    And luckily our bus-driver could still be reached since the late bus was on his way back to the office.  I take the early bus in and the early bus back.  We are not allowed to take the late bus in and the early bus back!  (Well we are, but we shouldn’t do it as a rule).

In the meantime I walked down to the world’s most famous/infamous fast food franchise for a grilled chicken sandwich.  The sandwich, ten chicken nuggets, a cup of corn and an orange juice went for ¥41 (about US$7).  That is expensive by Chinese standards : our dinner the previous night with shared vegetables, two meat dishes and rice with a beer each was about the same.   The first picture is of the side panel of the sandwich box.   I would love to know what the chicken says (eat me?) but it’s too hard to put the characters into my translator.

Monday is a national Chinese holiday, and we don’t have to come to work, so I’m going to my favorite Asian city (Hong Kong, of course) to show my former roommates around Kowloon a little.

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