Saturday/ Solana Beach, San Diego

On Saturday I went my first little league ‘football’ game (the term football being loosely used, since it is played by 6-year olds!) on Saturday.   My nephew was one of the little tykes running around on the field under the guidance of two coaches.  It is flag football, so there is no tackling.  The pursuer rips a flapping velcro ribbon from his opponent’s waistband,  and is a ‘tackle’.

Later in the day my brother and I made it out to the beach late afternoon, and then went for a beer at a local microbrewery.

IMG_7058 sm
Here’s the part of Solana Beach where the surfers and paddle surfers like to go early mornings, or late in the day (my brother pointing to it). This is around 5.30 pm. The sun still sets early here in the North’s winter.
IMG_7059 sm
I’m in the middle of the picture. Culture Brewing Co. is just a hole-in-the-wall space in Solana Beach where micro-brewed beers can be had. People bring their dogs and stand around and drink a beer or two. It is usually packed,but was quiet for some reason on Saturday.


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