Midnight/ early Saturday morning

Friday night’s flight out of San Francisco to San Diego to visit my brother turned into a belary-eyed midnight/ early morning affair. ┬áThe incoming airplane was several hours late, so it was midnight by the time we stepped on board, and 2 am when we arrived in San Diego.

IMG_7004 sm
That’s the rental car’s windshield wiper as we approach San Francisco airport. January was the driest on record in San Francisco, with no rain at all, but this weather system brought a lot of rain to the Bay Area.
IMG_7010 sm
Some industrial art on the way to Terminal 3 in San Francisco. (Do pay phones belong in a museum now?).


IMG_7038 sm
This animated display is in Terminal 3. Figured it out? The blue pin is San Francisco airport. The red triangles are flights that are being tracked. The triangles/ lines of ‘scaffolding’ is North America’s outlines.
IMG_7031 sm
One more work of art from Terminal 3 (my favorite) .. it’s called Spirogyrate, by artist Eric Staller. The wheels are electronic displays – imbedded in the floor and on the wall. ┬áThe wheels start turning and changes color from pink to purple to blue.


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