Friday/ Salinas field trip

Today we met with a crew that took us out to the field to show us some of the gas distribution equipment, and the work done on them..  Our field trip gathered some valuable ‘use case’ information.   A lot of connected data have to come together in our system’s back-office to make it possible to do away with paper work orders and forms.     The world is moving to mobile devices and so are companies that use and collect information on the go.

One of our candidate devices – an Applie iPad Mini – was accidentally dropped onto a hard surface from about 4 ft up, which cracked the display screen.   The devices do not yet have the protective moulding around it which would help it survive the rough and tumble of getting used in the field.

IMG_6998 sm
Work starts early out in the field : at 7 am. We are on the way to the gas company’s yard to meet with the crew that will take us out in the field..
IMG_7001 sm
I did not get to see too much of Salinas – but here is a nice old railway bridge used to indicate the entrance to the ‘old town’.


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